"Data-centric and laser focused on driving efficient growth at scale"


A good choice

With our custom strategies, we make sure to deliver awesome results

Focusing on results, it’s the biggest driver for my personal and professional life. I treat each client service/product as my own which gives me a good sense of “client’s shoes”. Constantly looking for improvement and steady growth. I don’t believe in unicorns and success build overnight. As Robert Collier said, success is the sum of small efforts – repeated day in and day out.

Kamila Lipska – Digital Marketer & Growth Hacker

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Rudolph Seiberlich(…) with OGT, I gave it a try and after already 6 weeks we did no longer loose money and now they run profitable campaigns
Rudolph Seiberlich
CEO at Skytours - Big Sky Group
Kamel Y.OGT is a great partner to work with (...) attentive, flexible and knowledgeable. (...) Data-centric and laser-focused on driving efficient growth at scale.
Kamel Y.
Digital Marketing Manager @Lodgify
Frederik F.We were able to outsource the online growth aspect fully to OGT and they're following up on every required task whilst keeping us updated.
Frederik F.
Co-founder @Mapiac
Alfons Rodriguez M.OGT team has a methodical approach, they love their work and demonstrate it with great results
Alfons Rodriguez M.
Co-founder @Maknetic

Beyond average

Every client is different but we have solutions for each of them


Our task evaluation approach ensures that you receive the right help for your project.

Straight to the Point

We bring maximum value in limited timescales with a great focus on achieving given goals.

Cost Saving

We optimise cost with a great focus on CPA targets, and this leads to the satisfactory ROI.

Acting like a CMO

Ability to execute flawlessly and impact the company’s strategy, focusing on fast growth.

Making things possible

Reaching a deep understanding of what your customer needs is part of our business

We are a team of entrepreneurial-minded marketers, with broad experience in e-commerce, sales management, as well as analysis, planning and developing effective business strategies. A holistic perspective on improving customer experience and increasing customer engagement, loyalty, and lifetime value through targeted, relevant, personalised contact strategies across digital channels. Results-oriented online marketing specialists who proactively take on responsibility for a business growth strategy.

Our approach entails that we want more in our relationship with you than just numbers — we want to be partners.

“Knowledge has to be improved, challenged, and increased constantly, or it vanishes.”

Peter Drucker

Work with us and boost your business into the new level! Let's have a chat, just get in touch!

Meet the OGT team

Our Team of crazy experts has been in the field for years

Kamila3 favorite words: Google, Pixel and Excel
Online Growth Hacker

The mastermind behind numbers and strategies. Lover of excel and grow. Additionally, control freak who loves to keep under control ROI. Constantly looking for new ideas and solutions, loves to talk straight-to-the-point.

E-Commerce & Digital Commerce Strategy | Adwords & Bing (SEM & Display & Video & Remarketing) | eCommerce Shopper | Activation Affiliate Marketing & Emailing advertising (& CRM) | Marketplace – B2C: Amazon/eBay & SaaS: Capterra/GetApp | Facebook Ads & Remarketing Analytics & reporting

Monika3 favorite words: People, Process and Family
Managing Director

The Queen of the customer relationship. She is easy to deal with and always deadline focused. She is passionate about innovations, improvements, and flexibility that change daily work into an interesting adventure and bring benefit to the company and their clients.


Day to day running of the business | Leading the team | Billing | Consulting with prospective clients | Project management | Business development | Creating a positive work environment

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