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Weekly reports and daily availability which helps you to track the progress.


We adjust to your need and company-culture with the focus on delivering results.

Your Outsourced "In-House" Growth Team.

We work side by side with your team identifying the key opportunities for your business. We run regular experiments, using all the previously gathered data, reporting on successes and planning future products and marketing KPIs around this knowledge.

Our mantra is "Transparency, honesty and good humour always work in business!" Fluid and open communication is our key to success. Visible work process, defined in steps and timelines, make sure we deliver results that work and "bear fruits."

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Not Another Growth Agency

Your outsourced "in-house" growth team.

For the past years, we’ve been learning from our mistakes. We’ve done quite a few, but they were all a great lesson and helped us bring our services to the level they are right now. Each project is unique (different targets, audiences, products etc.) and we try to capture its personality by adapting our services to offer the best possible result.

She was quick to offer a strategy for any new idea I threw at her and of course lived by a test first philosophy that I respected. I'd recommend Kamila and OGT for any brands looking for clear, focused and highly engaged growth marketing.
Tim L.
A happy Customer

What To Expect From Us

We treat every project and client in a unique way, adapting our services to their needs and metrics. However, this is what you can always expect from us:


A Master Plan

We hate long and unneeded processes, tactics that some agencies use in order to make the deadlines expand and "gain" time.

We use an initial master plan scanning in order to identify your needs and create a strategy with precise action steps. Before you commit to a business relationship with us, we work around your growth plan based on your current situation and determine your KPIs and marketing objectives.

A Business Action Plan That Works

We use our customisable services combined with our experience and trend hunting in order to arrive at the best "combo" for you.

The tests are continuously going on and we rapidly evaluate these findings and understandings in order to optimise the strategies.

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Who can we work with?

We can customise our services according to your business and needs. However, it is very important for both sides to agree upon a few metrics and be consistent.

Newly launched startups that are looking for a full-time marketer

Scaleups companies that are looking for a Growth Hacking team to scale up their products.

What rates do you offer?

It really depends on the project each time. The best way to find out is to get in touch with so that we can evaluate your business, budget and plans.

Do you have any case studies?

Feel free to contact us and we will proudly present some of them!

What are your areas of expertise?

We cover all areas of growth hacking for newly launched and established businesses. Depending on your needs, channels, markets and targets we can form a customised Growth masterplan that would meet your objectives. From paid marketing campaigns to A/B testing and from web consultation to lead generation we can incorporate them all in our plans.

What about content creation and social media marketing?

Yes we do! We have a team of experts in Social Media and we cover content creation in 7 languages (English, French, Spanish, Italian, Greek, Polish and Catalan). Any additional language needs to be discuss as we have a network of collaborators across all the globe.

Why choosing you instead of an “in house” person?

We bring together Growth and Marketing experts, so instead of working with only one person you will be collaborating with a few more specialists.

As much as you may have been hearing the term “Growth Hackers” lately, the reality is slightly different. Good Growth professionals are “unicorns” – hard to find and very valuable! We want to believe that our approach to growth hacking is more spherical than a one single person’s performance as we are been looking your business from different angles.

When will we see the first results?

Unfortunately, we can’t give an exact time estimation. The first results (positive or negative) will be shown, though, very soon and then, we can plan accordingly. 

To speak frankly, there’s a chance that nothing will work (Growth Hacking is not “one magic button” technique). However, we can promise that we will try as many as possible experiments and testing in order to explore deeper what works better than others.

As we’ve said before, transparency and trust are our differentiator points. We will never give fake expectations and as hard as the truth could be, we will be very honest from moment zero!

How long will we have to wait?

As soon as we will start working on your project we will agree together on the next steps and deadlines, which we respect conscientiously. Every week you will know about the following week’s experiments, tests, plans and their delivery times. If you have any feedback, we will incorporate almost instantly in order to deliver you the best of results.

In this fast-moving industry, we understand that there is no space for “snoozing”. For that reason, we highly encourage a bi-weekly review of our tactics, methods, KPIs etc. in order to be fast adapting to the new strategies.

Can everyone become your customer?

Although our services are fully customisable to the needs of all clients, we want to choose and be chosen mutually by our prospect collaborators. Therefore there have been a few times that we have said no to businesses.

This is the reason why we always want to start with a full business scan and a master plan. Like this, we can set up both parts’ expectations and test if we do a good match!


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We want to be working as your Growth department alongside your team focusing on delivering results, finding new opportunities and developing exclusive strategies. With us you will be sure to reach your goals and KPIs.