What Are The Different Paid Ads Types Out There?


SEM, Facebook boosted posts, LinkedIn InMail, Instagram ad stories… including countless other advertising options coming up every day. And this is where you find yourself caught in the middle, with a limited budget and no idea which one to choose.


With this guide, we will try to sort out the most popular options and make it easier for you to decide.


  1. Google Adwords

The most popular type of SEM (Search Engine Marketing). Google Adwords allows you to use people’s need to find answers to their questions through online search. Then it helps you deliver your content directly, by placing your ad on top of the search list. According to HubSpot, 75% of users (https://blog.hubspot.com/insiders/inbound-marketing-stats) don’t get past the first page of results in a Google search. Thus, you would have to pay to make it to the top in order to be noticed by your audience. Paid search, depending on your business sector, can get you there quicker than any other option, but watch out your budget!


Tip: Try “manual bidding” in order to control and avoid budget exhaustion.


  1. Facebook Ads

According to Social Media Examiner 84% of marketers use Facebook as a regular advertising platform. One of the main reasons is that according to a Social Media Today research an average user spends 35 minutes connected to Facebook every day. Why not use this time to reach out to your potential customers?

There are different types of Facebook ads that you could use:

  1. Link Click Ads – These help you promote external websites and send people to a specific landing page (e.g article, blog post etc.) You would need to design a banner ad, based on Facebook character limitations, with a headline, an ad copy text and a link description.
  2. Boosted Posts – With this type, you would get to promote Facebook posts from your page or boost your blog’s or website’s posts. Moreover, you can choose the canvas format which is more interactive and completely captures the attention of your audience.

Facebook advertising, like other similar networks, is a bidding platform. This means that you, as an advertiser, should specify how much are willing to spend on every campaign. Again, we recommend taking close attention to your budget to avoid overspending.


  1. LinkedIn Ads

B2B Marketing’s favourite advertising tool. “Buyers prefer LinkedIn as the top social network for sharing business-related content, with 84% sharing business content on LinkedIn” a report published on Curata says. It is a highly business-oriented social network which means that besides the traditional targeting options available on other channels, you can target your ads based on other relevant data such as job title, skills, company size, industry, LinkedIn groups etc.

LinkedIn offers marketers three types of ads:

  1. Sponsored Content – sponsored posts in your business LinkedIn page and other peoples’ newsfeed.
  2. Sponsored InMail – these ads allow you to send direct LinkedIn emails to your targeted audiences’ inboxes.
  3. Text ads – are ads placed across your targeted audience’s LinkedIn feeds.

LinkedIn offers two types of pricing models you can choose from, the traditional duo CPC (cost per click) and CPM (cost per 1000 impressions).


  1. Instagram Ads

As you may have heard, Instagram has been bought by Facebook and hence, all its advertising campaigns are being controlled by the same platform and within more or less the same principles.

However, two unique Instagram advertising ways are:

  1. Ad Stories. On its very popular feature, Instagram Stories, recently the platform launched the Ad Stories. Ad Stories allows you to publish your ads within the slides of other peoples’ stories.
  2. Instagram Influencer Marketing. Unlike any other type of digital advertising, Influencer Marketing can really boost your business if you find the right influencers for your niche. The concept is simple: you find the right influencers in your industry, you reach out to them and they post your content. In this way, your brand’s awareness passes to the hands of the really influential people in your market. The barrier most of the times falls into the cost of said campaigns. According to Digiday, it can reach more than thousands per post if your influencer is a well-known celeb!  


As a business owner or marketer, you would need to make advertising decisions, which include optimising budget and ROI. A time-consuming task which demands precise knowledge, time and energy.

Our Paid Marketing experts at Online Growth Team can do the hard work for you! They can analyse your business and decide the best marketing mix for your company according to your budget.

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